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Patch Notes
Tinn-R version
09 Mai 2020 - Tinn-R Team
  • Bug(s) fixed:

    • All dependencies of the TinnRcom package that are distributed with the Tinn-R setup (formatR, svMisc and svSocket), as well as the TinnRcom package itself, have been rebuilt with the R-devel version (4.1). The startup issues that arose in the current version 4.0 of R have been fixed.

    • A bug associated with the package semPlot was fixed. Thanks to Frank for pointing it out.

  • Filter of Tools/R/Mirros from now on will be applied by Host.

Tinn-R version
06 Jan 2020 - Tinn-R Team
  • Some improvements and refinements have been made in the previous version

Tinn-R version
02 Jan 2020 - Tinn-R Team
  • Many improvements and refinements have been made in the previous version

Tinn-R version
02 Jan 2020 - Tinn-R Team
  • Some parts of the Object Pascal pipe were rewritten. It is now faster, stable and robust.

  • The handling of all shortcuts, keystrokes and hotkeys are now centered on a single user interface that is simpler and more efficient than previous options. As result, a new menu option has been created: Options/Shortcuts/keystrokes/hotkeys (map). It was a very hard and time consuming work, we hope you enjoy the final results.

  • We are looking for the maximum freedom and efficiency to interact with the R interpreter. Thus, improvements have been made to the Rterm IO interface:

    • From now on, to send any prior line (or just any selection) to the R interpreter, you must press the CTRL + ENTER shortcut keys (not configurable).

    • In the latest line the user can use: a simple ENTER or CTRL + ENTER to send the current line.

    • The R history can be visualized (and filtered progressively as you type) in a new SynEdit completion window. The shortcut is CTRL + ALT + SPACE (not configurable).

  • From now on, the shortcut CTRL + ENTER (not configurable) is also associated to send line (or selection) from the Editor to the interpreter. The previous use (send the current line and insert a new one) was removed. This was an old request from users but we believe it is no longer used much. Therefore, unless otherwise stated, we don’t wish wish to make this feature available anymore.

  • The option to send the clipboard content, with shortcut CTRL + Q by default, to interpreter was removed.

  • The R highlighter was improved, it has new objects and from now on, will be case sensitive. That is, it will highlight, for example, LETTERS, letters, CO2, co2, …, recognized and different R objects, in the same group with the same attributes.

  • From this version, the instructions stored in R history are only those typed in and submitted directly into Rterm IO interface.

  • The highlighter identifier Note was renamed to Note_0. It makes more sense, since Note_1 and Note_2 were created in previous version.

  • Due to low usage, all shortcuts (default) associated with Txt2tags to Deplate converters have been removed.

  • A new shortcut (default) has been associated with the option Save file as: SHIFT+CTRL+S.

  • The interface Highlighters setting was improved. From now on, the program will be distributed with at least 4 fast coloring sets: Default, Dark, Gray and LGray. Additionally, the interface allows you to restore all default values with a new option.