Rodrigo Alves Bezerra
Pós-doutorado voluntário

Postdoctoral researcher

Campus Soane Nazaré de Andrade, Rodovia Jorge Amado, Km 16, Bairro Salobrinho CEP 45662-900. - Ilhéus/BA

(+55 73) 3680-5183 / 991460342

PhD in Genetics and Molecular Biology in Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz-UESC (2016). Master in Animal Science (2011). Bachelor in Veterinary Medicine (2009). Post-Graduation Coordinator (lato sensu) in Sanitary Surveillance and Food Quality Management. Formal Professor of Faculdade de Ilhéus – CESUPI.


Interest in Research

Post doctoral researcher works in two lines of research: (i) in the field of Molecular Genetics evaluating the diversity of parasites (Toxoplasma gondii) coming from different animal species; (ii) in the field of Animal Conservation Genetics (Evaluating the genetic diversity of populations aiming at the evolutionary potential, and thus, promoting actions for the conservation of the investigated species) (Chaetomys subspinosus). In both lines of research the focus is based on the use of dominant and codominant genetic markers (SSR and RFLP). It is part of the research groups: Genetics and Biotechnology - UESC (CNPq) and Animal Parasitic Diseases - UESC (CNPq). I work with several laboratory techniques such as: PCR, nPCR, DNA sequencing, Genotyping, DGGE, Immunohistochemistry, ELISA, MAT, HAI, RIFI and IDGA. And I have in-depth knowledge in the area of ​​frecuentist and Bayesian statistics. And I have experience in the manipulation and clinical practice of wild animals and experimentation.


Most Relevant Articles

1. ARIAS, MARIA CRISTINA AULAGNIER, STÉPHANE BAERWALD, ERIN F. BARCLAY, ROBERT M. R. BATISTA, JACQUELINE SILVA BEASLEY, ROCHELLE R. BEZERRA, RODRIGO et al.; Microsatellite records for volume 8, issue 1. Conservation Genetics Resources (Print), v. 8, p. 1-39, 2016.


2. MCINTOSH, D.; BEZERRA, R.A.; LUZ, H. R. ; FACCINI, J. L. H.; GAIOTTO, F. A.; GINÉ, G.A.F.; ALBUQUERQUE, G.R. Detection of Rickettsia bellii and Rickettsia amblyommii in Amblyomma longirostre (Acari: Ixodidae) from Bahia state, Northeast Brazil. Brazilian Journal of Microbiology (Online), v. 46, p. 879-883, 2015.


3. BEZERRA, R.A.; GINÉ, G.A.F.; MACIEL, B.M.; GAIOTTO, F. A.; ALBUQUERQUE, G.R.. Identification and genetic characterization of Toxoplasma gondii in free-ranging bristle-spined porcupine (Chaetomys subspinosus), a threatened arboreal mammal from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. Parasites & Vectors, v. 8, p. 277, 2015.


4. BEZERRA, R.A.; GINÉ, G.A.F.; MARQUES, E.L.S.; ABREU-TARAZI, M.F.; REZENDE, R.P.; GAIOTTO, F.A. Short Communication Elucidation of bacterial community structure on thin-spined porcupine (Chaetomys subspinosus) spines by denaturing. Genetics and Molecular Research, v. 14, p. 11867-11875, 2015.


5. BEZERRA, R.A.; CARVALHO, F.S.; GUIMARÃES, L.A.; ROCHA, D.S. ; SILVA, F.L.; WENCESLAU, A.A.; ALBURQUEQUE, G.R. Comparasion of methods for Detection of Toxoplasma gondii in tissues of naturally exposed pigs. Parasitology Research (1987. Print), v. 110, p. 509-514, 2012.


6. BEZERRA, R.A.; CARVALHO, F.S.; GUIMARÃES, L.A.; ROCHA, D.S.; MACIEL, B.M.; WENCESLAU, A.A.; LOPES, C.W.G.; ALBUQUERQUE, G.R. Genetic characterization of Toxoplasma gondii isolates from pigs intended for human consumption in Brazil. Veterinary Parasitology (Print), v. 189, p. 153-161, 2012.


Campus Soane Nazaré de Andrade, Rodovia Jorge Amado, Km 16, Bairro Salobrinho CEP 45662-900. - Ilhéus/BA