Bruno Silva Andrade

Adjunct Professor

Campus Soane Nazaré de Andrade, Rodovia Jorge Amado, Km 16, Bairro Salobrinho CEP 45662-900. - Ilhéus/BA

(+55 73) 3528-9702

PhD in Biotechnology by State University of Feira de Santana (2011). He has experience in biotechnology, with emphasis on structural and functional analysis of macromolecules of microorganisms, animals and plants with biotechnological potential, acting on the following topics: Molecular Modeling, Docking, Virtual Screening, Medicinal and Computational Chemistry. He is Adjunct Professor at the State University of Southwest Bahia, in medical school. In addition, he is professor and advisor at the Graduate Program in Biotechnology (UEFS/ Fiocruz-Ba), the Graduate Program in Genetics and Molecular Biology (UESC) and the Graduate Program in Chemistry (UESB). He is reviewer of Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling (ISSN: 1093-3263) and OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology (ISSN: 1536-2310).

Interest in Research

Professor in three graduate programs (PPPGBM – UESC, PPGBIOTEC-UEFS and PPGQUI - UESB), his research focus is with molecular modeling of proteins and small molecules, with a multidisciplinary profile, involving related areas of Biochemistry, Biology and Molecular Genetics. His projects addressess solutions for the study of targets in neurodegenerative diseases, neglected diseases such as Dengue and Leishmaniasis, and the screening of bioactive compounds with anti-inflammatory potential. In a collaborative way, his research develops studies of molecular targets from Theobroma cacao and its related pathogens, Moniliophthora perniciosa and M. roreri.


The research lines of professor Andrade include the knowledge of structure and molecular dynamics of protein targets, as well as the development of inhibitors and modulators that can act as new drugs and pesticides for controlling diseases and phytopathogens, respectivelly.

Most Relevant Articles

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ANDRADE, B. S.; SOUZA, C. ; SANTOS, G. ; Goes-Neto, Aristoteles . Virtual screening reveals a viral-like polymerase inhibitor that complexes with the DNA polymerase of Moniliophthora perniciosa. Genetics and Molecular Research, v. 15, p. 1, 2016.


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Campus Soane Nazaré de Andrade, Rodovia Jorge Amado, Km 16, Bairro Salobrinho CEP 45662-900. - Ilhéus/BA