Marco Antonio Costa
Fellow Research Productivity of CNPq – Level 1D

Full Professor

Campus Soane Nazaré de Andrade, Rodovia Jorge Amado, Km 16, Bairro Salobrinho CEP 45662-900. - Ilhéus/BA


PhD in Genetics and Evolution by the Universidade Federal de São Carlos / Washington State University and Master in Genetics by the Universidade Federal de Viçosa. Member of the permanent nucleus (NP) in the Postgraduate Programs in Genetics and Molecular Biology (PPG-GBM) and Zoology (PPG-ZOO) of UESC. Currently teaching the disciplines Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution (postgraduate) and Cell and Molecular Biology (undergraduate).

Interest in Research

Member of the permanent nucleus (NP) in two Postgraduate develops research with a multidisciplinary approach in genetics and evolution of animal species, with greater emphasis on insects pollinators of wild and cultivated plants. The applied tools involve techniques of molecular genetics and classical and molecular cytogenetics, which includes microdissection and chromosome painting and DNA sequencing. The studies include aspects related to phylogeny, phylogeography, cytogeography and population genetic structure, with applications in the understanding of genetic diversity and in the search for subsidies for the conservation strategies and for the taxonomy of these groups. Currently, has developed research projects that aim to answer questions related to chromosomal changes and their dynamics in populations and species, as well as the prospection and characterization of genetic diversity in bees, wasps and ants with the use of molecular markers.

Most Relevant Articles

Menezes, R. S. T. ; Brady, S. G. ; Carvalho, A. F. ; Del Lama, M. A. ; Costa, M. A. . The roles of barriers, refugia, and chromosomal clines underlying diversification in Atlantic Forest social wasps. Scientific Reports, v. 7, p. 1-16, 2017.


Gehara, M. ; Barth, A. ; Oliveira, E. F. ; Costa, M. A. ; Haddad, C. F. B. ; Vences, M. . Model-based analyses reveal insular population diversification and cryptic frog species in the Ischnocnema parva complex in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, v. 112, p. 68-78, 2017.


Menezes, R. S. T. ; Brady, S. G. ; Carvalho, A. F. ; Del Lama, M. A. ; Costa, M. A. . Molecular phylogeny and historical biogeography of the Neotropical swarm-founding social wasp genus Synoeca (Hymenoptera: Vespidae). Plos One, v. 10, p. e0119151, 2015.


Medrado, A. S. ; Affonso, P. R. A. M. ; Carneiro, P. ; Vicari, M. R. ; Artoni, R. F. ; Costa, M. A. . Allopatric divergence in Astyanax aff. fasciatus Cuvier, 1819 (Characidae, Incertae sedis) inferred from DNA mapping and chromosomes. Zoologischer Anzeiger, v. 257, p. 119-129, 2015.


Duarte, Olivia Maria Pereira ; Gaiotto, F. A. ; Costa, M. A. . Genetic Differentiation in the Stingless Bee, Scaptotrigona xanthotricha Moure, 1950 (Apidae, Meliponini): a Species with Wide Geographic Distribution in the Atlantic Rainforest. Journal of Heredity, p. 1-8, 2014.


Barth, A. ; Vences, M. ; Solé, M. ; Costa, M. A. . Molecular cytogenetics and phylogenetic analysis of Brazilian leaf frog species of the genera Phyllomedusa and Phasmahyla (Hylidae: Phyllomedusinae). Canadian Journal of Zoology (Print), v. 92, p. 795-802, 2014.


Martins, C. C. C. ; Waldschmidt, A. M. ; Costa, M. A. . Unprecedented record of ten novel B chromosomes in the stingless bee Partamona helleri (Apidae, Meliponini). Apidologie (Celle), v. 45, p. 1-9, 2014.


Martins, C. C. C. ; Diniz, D. ; Sobrinho-Scudeler, P. E. ; Foresti, F. ; Campos, L. A. O. C. ; Costa, M. A. . Investigation of Partamona helleri (Apidae, Meliponini) B chromosome origin. An approach by microdissection and whole chromosome painting. Apidologie (Celle), v. 44, p. 75-81, 2012.

Campus Soane Nazaré de Andrade, Rodovia Jorge Amado, Km 16, Bairro Salobrinho CEP 45662-900. - Ilhéus/BA