By Sam Hudson. It’s because of this and their large profile that they attract large bass. These baits are made up of three or more body sections that are all hinged together. These are wide gap hooks that will either have an offset shank or a screw lock to secure the head. Swimbaits are the most expensive bass lures as a category, so at around $35 bucks the Gantarel is middle of the road in the high quality swimbait market. These are the ideal style swimbait for fishing heavily weeded areas because they can be rigged weedless. When the bass are feeding on baitfish , there is no better bait to use than a bait that mimics their food. This version can also be rigged with a swimbait hook, but the solid body gives it a lower hookset success rate. A huge number of bass fisherman have come to rely on swimbaits as their key to the world of giant bass. To rig them you feed your line through a hole on the nose of the bait, which leads into a narrow tube that goes through the bait and out the bottom or top end. Now when a fish gets hooked, the bait slides up the line during the fight to keep it from getting torn up by the fighting fish. Ideally, the line should be in the range of twenty to twenty-five pound test. Choosing the Perfect Boat. When you’re swimbait fishing for bass you need to stay committed to it all day, so you don’t miss those big bites. If you plan to throw a wide range of varying weights then you will need more than one rod. Everybody does it that way, and the bass become conditioned to it. Wintertime bass fishing can be some of the most rewarding if you can find fish reacting to subtle presentations in cold water. Updated: February 20, 2020. While swimbaits in general lean more on the expensive side, there are much more affordable options. Glide baits are basically an elongated version of a single-jointed hard swimbait. The Original SwimbaitExperience Trophy bass fishing 15 Years Proving swimbait techniques and knowledge on Arizona’s desert waters. Tactical Bassin’ is known all over the world as some of the top swimbait fisherman. These darker waters are great for fishing swimbaits topwater, creating more noise and attracting attention. It’s the natural appearance and swimming action of a swimbait that gets these big bass to bite. That’s because so many bass fisherman have become addicted to the monster bass they produce and have equipped themselves with an arsenal of tackle designed to handle these big baits. In some cases, a certain hard body swimbait model will come in different lengths, and the longer versions will have more joints. They can have one joint in the middle (Single Jointed) or as many as six or more (Multi Jointed). Today Matt breaks down the 3 styles of swimbaits that work in cold water and explains what each style is for. This style has a lot of hook exposure which is great for hooksets, but not very weedless. This technique will catch largemouth, but it's outstanding for spotted bass and smallmouth. Find top brands, best prices, and great service at America's Tackle Shop. Lucky Craft Real Blue Gill 165S. . Learn to harness the draw power of glide … 99 ... 13 Fishing The Gill Swimbait. 2020-2021 Season Swimbait Guide Trip Trophy fishing for Largemouth Bass! Watson has experienced plenty of chilly winters in the Ozarks and has found a time-tested bait that does a great job at getting him bit—a 3.5-inch Tackle HD Swimmer on a 1/4-ounce head. CharmYee Bass Fishing Lure Topwater Bass Lures Fishing Lures Multi Jointed Swimbait Lifelike Hard Bait Trout Perch Pack of 3 4.3 out of 5 stars 2,624 $11.99 $ 11 . The bites are mostly few and far between, but when they come they can be from some of the biggest bass in the lake. Number one thing to do is "match the hatch" when swimbait fishing! They are also rated for stronger line. Of course they do come in smaller sizes, but nine times out of ten when a bass angler refers to swimbait fishing, they are talking about baits between six and twelve inches long. There are two problems with pulling up on a point or an underwater hump, positioning your boat in deep water and throwing shallow. “Something that works really well during winter in the Ozarks is something we call ‘grub fishing… They also help to keep a bass hooked during the fight by eliminating the leverage they have when trying to shake off a full-body bait. The bodies are typically jointed to improve the swimming action when its retrieved. Know the way the baitfish that bass are feeding on behave. This swimbait is awesome because the tail will will wobble perfectly without barely any movement on the retrieve. By using your distance, boat position, and angle, you give yourself more room to work a swimbait, pause it, kill it, twitch it and otherwise stall it in the strike zone to elicit a reaction from a bass without getting too close to your boat and putting them on guard to your presence. The detail on some of the hard bodied models today can be extremely lifelike, that goes for their action in the water as well. Have you lost confidence in the swimbait all together? Use The Right Equipment. The best way to fish this swimbait is with a 1/8 oz darter jig head on a light spinning rod. Some anglers use braid for the extra strength, but the transparentness of monofilament or fluorocarbon is much better since appearing natural is so important. Somewhere during his lengthy pro bass fishing career that spans back into the 1980s, Bill lost track of the number of 10-plus-pound largemouths he’s landed. Latest. More than any other lure, it takes a special rod to fish a big swimbait. Line-through swimbaits are designed to protect the bait from being damaged. Because swimbait fishing has become so popular, almost every rod manufacturer offers a special swimbait rod design. In this bass fishing instructional class seminar, Fred shares tips on fishing the Stanford Baits Boom Boom Hollow Body Frog and all 3. The advantage to the solid body is that it is much more durable and stays rigged properly, and for a longer period of time. These are big, heavy, solid-rubber lures. Fred Roumbanis is know for 2 things, fishing hollow-body frogs and swimbaits based on the iconic Bass Pro Shops swimbait. True Bass Swimbaits features the Little Head 4.5, Perfect 5.5, Big Head 7.5, and the new True Lock Swimbait Heads! 2X Bassmaster Classic champion tournament bass fishing champion Jordan Lee returns to The Bass University in Gadsden, AL in the winter to talk about finesse swimbait fishing. Plus, the thin body is a perfect baitfish imitator. 13 Fishing Churro Paddle Tail Swimbait. In general, most swimbaits are fished similarly to the way you would fish a crankbait, in a straight retrieve. By Jason Sealock •Dec 17, 2020. →. Guns. Here’s a look at the differences between them. A bass fishing video blog dedicated to teaching and helping bass fisherman grow. This article breaks down exactly what to look for and how to decide on these lure types, as well as all the different options a modern-day bass angler will likely want to consider. You will need to have the propper swimbait rod and reel in order to cast and catch bass with these swimbaits. Game Fish. These reels get put under a lot of wear and tear pulling big baits and fighting heavy fish. The hollow body on these baits make them softer, so when a fish bites down on them more hook gets exposed, allowing for better hooksets. These are great baits if your looking to slow down your presentation, they perform awesome with the stop and go method, similarly to how you work a jerkbait. When the line is all the way through you tie a treble hook to it and your rigged. Single jointed swimbaits are made up of two solid body parts, attached to each other by a hinging connection that allows the bait to “swim” as it’s retrieved. Its A Slugfest! A lot of these baits do not come equipped with the hooks and you need to buy them separately. Of course a lot of how you will be retrieving your bait has a lot to do with whether it sinks or floats. Winter is a tough time of year to get bit on any bait. When you’re swimbait fishing for bass you need to stay committed to it all day, so you don’t miss those big bites. All-Around Swimbait Combo For Large and Medium Baits... Rod- Dobyns Champion XP 806 Heavy:, Reel- Shimano Curado 300K:, Line- Power pro Maxcuatro (65 lb Braid):, leader- Sunline FC100 Fluorocarbon (30 lb):, Rod- Dobyns Fury 806 Heavy:, Reel- Shimano Cardiff 300A:, TacticalBassin Hat:, TacticalBassin Reaper Hoodie:, TacticalBassin Shadow Hoodie:, TacticalBassin Sun Shirt:, TacticalBassin Hooded Sun Shirt:, Tactical Bassin' - Telling the truth about bass fishing, How To Catch Big Bass In Winter: Swimbait Tips For Cold Water Bass Fishing. The first is that the bass have seen that approach a thousand times. They come unweighted or with a “belly weight” that is on the middle part of the hook’s shank. History. If your fishing a sinking model, fluorocarbon is better since it sinks. These rods are long, powerful sticks that can launch heavy baits a great distance and set the hook properly. Buying the best swimbait for bass is a great way to take your fishing to the next level. They're not complicated, there is no mystery, and you can start catching bass on swimbaits any time you want. The action is slow. A stronger reel will stand the test of time in the big bait game. Swimbait fishing has become so popular that it has carved out it’s own category in the world of bass fishing. Best Bass Fishing Lures is an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Latest. But if your only spooling one reel and fishing shallow and deep then go with mono. They're not complicated, there is no mystery, and you can start catching bass on swimbaits any time you want. The design features on the different types of soft models can differ quite drastically. Rods that are not rated for them are not going to be able to handle them, and will either break or simply not have the “backbone” required to cast them. Swimbaits are easy! Sometimes the hinge is right in the mid section of the bait and other times closer to the tail. Sign up to receive emails with great bass lure tips! Some of the hard body versions have a lip in the front of the lure to create the swimming action, much like a crankbait, while others don’t need a lip to swim. Try to target some kind of cover or structure. -Baitsanity Explorer Glide:, -River2Sea S Waver 200:, Colors: Light Trout, Rainbow Trout, Warden Hitch, -Scottsboro Tackle 6" Swimbait:, Colors: Natural Light, Ol Smokey, Mullins Madness, -Little Creeper 8" Trash Fish:, Colors: LC Hitch, Rainbow Trout, Ghosted Chartreuse Shad, -Little Creeper Fatty 6" Trash Fish:, Sizes: Scottsboro 8/0, 8" trash fish 10/0, 6" trash fish 6/0, -8" Huddleston Deluxe ROF 5 Jig Hook Swimbait:, -Savage Gear Pulse Tail Shiner: All of these baits perform the same in the water, it’s the style of hook you choose that affects how the lure will perform. Bill Siemantel is a godfather of the giant swimbait scene. They were larger and more lifelike imitations than most available mass-produced lures at the time. If you don’t know what species the bass are preying on then use a baby bass swimbait, I would hope you at least know that bass are present. Alternatively, there are sinking and diving models that you would use deeper in the water column, or even dragged along the bottom. If you're going to work hard to get bit on anything, you might as well put in the time to get the right bites on big baits. Lobbing a big bait along docks or patches of weeds are great methods for getting a bass to ambush your lure. Part of making this decision depends on the body type you plan to fish with. Below are links to our favorite baits, favorite colors, and the gear we use to throw them. Bass fishing rods with strong backbones for hook sets and pulling bass from cover is a must. A lot of floating models are best used as a topwater lure, creating the appearance of a dying fish that is floating and slowly swimming along the surface. More often than not the designs are made to mimic fish, but some are made to mimic rodents, small waterfowl, and even turtles. Gear. ... More Fishing. Soft full-body swimbaits are solid rubber baits that use treble hooks attached to the belly, similar to that of a hard swimbait. The bites are mostly few and far between, but when they come they can be from some of the biggest bass in the lake. He has a website as well. Although your more likely to get strikes from trophy bass when fishing a these big baits, that doesn’t mean smaller bass won’t hit them too. These baits are equipped with a standard hook, where the long shank of the hook runs through the center of the body and turns up and out the top/back of the lure. Swimbaits originated in the late 1980s as lures designed to imitate rainbow trout in Southern California reservoirs that Largemouth Bass and Striped Bass fed on. Any good quality baitcaster will do the job, but most swimbait fisherman usually opt for beefier reels. Gear. There are subcategories of each type and some come in a combination, like having a hard body with a soft rubber tail. Typically you are choosing between a swimbait hook, a jig head hook, or a straight shank hook. He also has a new YouTube channel, and you can see his Instagram videos and photos by following @MannyChee. But if you want a great shot at a trophy bass then you need to stay committed. Not to mention these are expensive lures so you won’t want to get it hung up and lose it. Crankbait Rod, Jerkbait Rod - Both baitcasting and spinning rods are appropriate for throwing crankbaits and jerkbaits. Swimbaits are well known for being big bass lures, and they have more than earned that reputation. Retail Hours: (Walk In Traffic) Temporarily Closed Curbside Pickup: Mon - Sat: 10am - 5:30pm PST Sun: Closed *Pick up location - Tennis Warehouse Unit 110 Phone Hours: Monday - Friday: 6am - 2:30pm PT Sat - Sun: Closed Retail is closed on all major U.S. holidays. MLF pro James Watson has called Table Rock Lake home for many years now. That’s why using trout and bluegill swimbaits are so effective in lakes that hold those species. Smaller models sure, but once your in to 8″ baits weighing well over an ounce you will need suitable gear. ← Winter Fishing Tips: Ultra Finesse Baits When Its COLD!! They do not come with hooks so you need to get them separately and rig them yourself. In general, swimbait designs can be broken down into three categories: hard bodied, soft bodied, and paddle tails. Swimbait Lucky Craft €24,99. We Are Bass Fishing. 13 Fishing My Name's Jeff Swimbait. Bass will attempt to eat fish of all sizes, even fish the same size as them. Hollow body paddle tail swimbaits are best used with swimbait hooks. A good reel spooled with adequate line is important, but not at crucial as the rod. There are non-jointed versions but not many. Today we're focusing on why different styles work and when they should be fished. The visual appearance plays such a major roll in attracting a basses attention with these lures that using very detailed ones in clear or lightly stained water will give the best results. Yellowfin 54 Offshore Boat Review. Luring them out of cover to attack quickly like this does not give the bass much time to investigate the lure. But when he beefs up to the 8-inch version, his line and rod size follow – choosing 25-pound fluorocarbon and beefier a 7-foot, 6-inch flipping stick. The eyelet for tying your line is usually right at the tip of the nose, but on some models it’s a little further up on the head, making it better for dragging along the bottom. Camp Far West report by Bob Pietruszka. Sure they caught giants, but only in California. A bass fishing video blog dedicated to teaching and helping bass fisherman grow. Depending on the model, the head of the hook comes weighted or unweighted. Fishing With Swimbaits. New Products and Electronics for January 2021. Let the pros help you put together the perfect swimbait setup for catching trophy bass. Hours. A few of the bigger eight and ten-inch swimbaits can weigh over two ounces. They have a wider and smoother swimming action than a single jointed model. Hunting. More Gear. Swimbait da bass Lucky Craft. Since monofilament floats, its better for baits that you plan to work on or near the surface. Filed Under: Bass Fishing Reports Tagged With: chatterbait, Collins Lake, James Everhart, jig, Phenix rods, reaction fishing, senko, spinnerbait, Spotted Bass, spring fishing, swimbait. Lucky Craft Real California 110 Supreme. It’s a rare day when I retrieve a swimbait downhill. Instead of a postspawn ledge showdown, like is typical of major multi-day bass-fishing tournaments in the region, this derby should be a prespawn or spawn slugfest, with crankbaits, spinnerbaits, ChatterBaits, umbrella rigs, swimbait and jigs all playing a major role in the outcome. How to fish saltwater swimbaits. The eyelet is connected to the hook rings through the body of the lure. Winter Fishing for California Yellowtail. Swimbaits are perhaps the most fun way to catch bass anymore. Due to the amount of work that goes in to the fine tuning of hard swimbaits, they can be very expensive. There’s different types of swimbaits designed to mimic various species that bass prey on. $14.99 . €60,29. Don't overwork it. You need to select the best swimbait rod for the size bait you are fishing. Boats. They need big, specifically-designed swimbait rods, frequently 8 feet in length which includes reels … The Best New Compound Bows for 2021. Lucky Craft Real Blue Gill 150SS. You’ll be able to rip the trebles through light grass but if your fishing in thick weed cover, a hard body is not your best choice. All of the links go directly to Tackle Warehouse where you can see detailed photos and descriptions of each item. The rubber on the good quality baits is reinforced so it can withstand the wear and tear from fighting fish. Swimbaits are well known for being big bass lures, and they have more than earned that reputation. CZ’s swimbait gear When throwing his tournament favorite 6-inch Magdraft, he ties it to 15-pound fluorocarbon on a 7.1:1 reel and a 7-foot, 2-inch jig pitching rod. If you go out with confidence and throw the right baits in the right situations, its a matter of time before you start catching swimbait fish. This rod can also be used for Carolina rigs. Swimbaits are a loosely defined class of fishing lures that imitate fish. These are also soft swimbaits, but they are on the smaller side and usually come in packages of multiple baits like soft plastic worms do. There’s only one style reel that will handle these big lures, a baitcasting reel. Based in Southern California, he calls world-renowned Castaic Lake his home water. A paddle tail swimbait works best during three main times; when bass are feeding on schooling baitfish, schooled up in open water, and when on points. Swimbait fishing is a technique that requires an all-day commitment, but it will help you haul in a double-digit bass instead of settling for smaller fish. Manny loves to share his swimbait know-how, so check it out. You're not alone! This is a swimbait that can work well for both new and experienced anglers. It’s also the ideal style for dragging along the bottom. The key is to find the slowest reel speed you can apply to engage the swimming action of the lure. A lot of bass fishermen have been caught up in the hype without ever being taught the details of how to consistently catch swimbait fish.